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Experience Transformation in One Day

Ready to unlock your top 1% potential?

Your Journey to Transformation Begins
Welcome to The Classic Day, a bespoke one-day experience exclusively tailored for dedicated professionals.

It's a collective group experience and a deeply personalised day, focused on your aspirations and goals.

It combines the strength of a supportive group environment with an individualised path allowing you to explore personal growth, enhance your skills, and unlock untapped potential.

The Classic Day signifies a new beginning of your leaders' journey toward clarity, confidence, courage, and a renewed sense of emotional purpose.

This unique and empowering experience is designed to support individuals from varied backgrounds gain a clearer understanding of their life and an immediate path toward lasting change.

By the end of The Classic Day, you'll leave with a personalised plan of action to put in place right away.

Discover a day designed for you...

Have you ever:

  • Lost touch with your identity?
  • Felt trapped in a phase that no longer serves you?
  • Wondered what's next in your life and needed a clear plan?
  • Believed you lacked the time or support to focus on yourself?
  • Sensed there's more to life but you don't know where to start?
  • Need the time and space to make a plan for your next phase approaching?

The Classic Day is here for you to take charge and take control.

The Classic Day:
The Day You Elevate Your Mindset LIVE.

He did it.
She did it.
And you can too.

Real Stories, Real Transformations.

Life changing. Nis’s authentic approach and open style puts you at ease immediately. The day has given me confidence to make some major achievements in a short period. Highly recommended.

~ C.Knight

I now pursue my goals with newfound confidence and a clear mind. As an introvert with ambition, I used to feel isolated and overwhelmed.

This one day offered a lifeline and also solutions in a way that I had never experienced before. My challenges and the feeling of not being understood slowly transformed into a sense of belonging and support.

I realised there were others like me, quietly striving away in the background, and this sense of camaraderie was inspiring.

~ M.Fazah

One of the best things I've ever done for "me". Nis came highly recommended by a colleague, and I attended the workshop with high expectations. I was absolutely blown away. Within minutes of the day starting I felt completely relaxed and at ease. I left with a plan, and can already see a drastic change in my mindset. In fact, this change started on the day itself.

~ E.Morris
Performance & Analytics Manager

The day was inspiring and the focus on how to build my confidence was a revelation.

I cannot wait to implement what I've learned. The energy and sense of accomplishment from just one day is remarkable. I am enlightened and encouraged about my future. It’s a perfect day for those questioning their direction. Nis is an inspiration for those seeking clarity.

I would give every aspect of the day 10/10.

~ D.Clarke

A complete mindset change; I’m enlightened and much more focused in my business and private life. Nis has an amazing talent. She recognises one’s intelligence, abilities and talents but also what holds you back. She’s patient, compassionate and when necessary, forthright.

Her approach is focussed, goes deep and straight to the point. She works very fast and instantly identified areas that others would take a long time to discover.

~ D.Robinson

Before The Classic Day, my mindset limited me in so many ways. Networking and public speaking felt like insurmountable challenges, and I missed countless opportunities as a result. However, in just one day, my mindset is transformed. Their well-structured program equipped me with the courage and self-esteem needed to tackle these challenges head-on. I can't believe how much I managed to accomplish in just one day.

~ S.Davies

Your Day, Your Opportunity.


On The Classic Day, we:

  • Uplevel your mindset
  • Instil a more confident approach to work

  • Guide you to let go of what no longer serves you

  • Curate an intimate circle of dedicated individuals

  • Create the psychological space you need to rejuvenate your life

  • Empower you to claim your goals and access your top 1% potential

  • Champion your journey towards newfound clarity, confidence and courage

  • Support you to create a personalised plan of action to implement right away

The best investment is in yourself.

This is your Day 1, the day to refresh your goals, hopes, dreams, your potential, and your life.

As the day unfolds, you'll emerge with a renewed bond with yourself—fortified, focused, and ready

Think of The Classic Day as a bespoke toolkit for crafting your future, co-created with you on the day. Get ready to roll up your sleeves. Guided by Nis Arend, this is more than just talk. It's your personal transformation compass to improve your quality of life. You'll receive strategic guidance you can put into practice immediately to move your life forward.

It's not just another day; it's Day 1 of your transformation.

Don't let 'one day' turn into 'one day, passed.'

It's your opportunity to begin your new chapter towards an improved quality of life.

We're excited to welcome you.

Only 12 places available, secure your seat now.

Tailored Experiences for All

At The Classic Day, we understand that personal transformation paths are unique to each individual.

This thoughtful approach provides a tailored journey for each participant, reflecting their unique perspectives, challenges and aspirations.

We also offer two distinct experiences - one for women and one for men.

Join us on The Classic Day and embark on the transformation you want.

Your Day 1 awaits...

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