Classic Day
for Men

Surrey, United Kingdom
12 September 2024
Designed for the man who is ready to go for the next level, get the edge and lead with excellence.
Course Leader
Nis Arend

Nis Arend

High - Performance Coach
About this event:

Are you a dedicated professional ready to unlock your top 1% potential and take your personal growth and professional skills to the next level?

Tailored for men, this transformative workshop provides a unique space to improve your clarity, confidence, and courage.

You'll build upon your self-efficacy, elevate your mindset, and strengthen your identity.

It's time to step up to your next level.

Programme Outline:
09:00 am Registration & Breakfast Bites
09:30 am Welcome and Introduction
10:30 am The Starting Point
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Elevate Your Mindset
3:30 pm Break
3:45 pm Build Your Plan
4:45 pm Reflections from the Day
6:00 pm Celebration & Close


Our day is thoughtfully structured to provide you with the tools and insights to navigate with confidence.

Experience insightful sessions and personalised guidance that will equip you for your next phase of personal and professional growth.

Who should attend?

This event is for men who can relate to the experience of putting in hard work, aiming for success, yet feeling that they're falling short of their true potential.

It's for those who've faced hurdles, be they internal or external, and are now ready to leap over them.

If you're done with holding back, and you're looking for ways to move forward in the right direction, then this day is your opportunity.

Whether you're aiming to make more decisive decisions, seeking strategies to conquer the obstacles in your path, or just needing a supportive space to recharge and find the right guidance, this day is here to meet you where you are.

If you can relate to these challenges and are ready to transform then this is your day to conquer your challenges and lay the foundation for a future where your strength and leadership emerge.

Only 12 places available.

Book your place online.

What Happens After Booking?
Upon booking your place, you'll receive a confirmation email with joining instructions to prepare for the day. We'll also send you a questionnaire to better understand your unique challenges and goals, allowing us to tailor the experience to your specific needs. On the event day, all you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to embrace the possibilities of your new chapter.
When and where:
Date and time
Thu, September 12 2024
9:00 - 6:00 GMT
Surrey, United Kingdom
Please check your emails. We'll be sending you joining instructions, a point of contact and reminders closer to the day.
Our experienced coach, Nis, has a proven track record of guiding both men and women in their personal and professional journeys. Her career started with working closely with men and for the past 15 years, training, coaching and mentoring men in the ultra competitive, fast-paced finance industry. While she may be female, her expertise transcends gender boundaries, and her focus is on helping you reach your goals. With more women sitting around the top table, Nis also has the insights as a woman in business to notice the gaps and blindspots that some have when dealing with women. With trust as a core value, she's guided tens of thousands understand their precise starting point and how to step up to their next level.
Staying overnight is a brilliant enhancement to the day. We highly recommend it. With our special rate, you'll have access to spa facilities, free parking, and Wi-Fi. Your stay includes a delicious dinner, a comfortable night's rest, and a breakfast of champions to start a new day. It's an opportunity to relax, connect, and deepen your personal growth experience beyond the event. Book your overnight stay with us to make the most of this exceptional experience.
It's natural to have some skepticism so rest assured, The Classic Day has consistently delivered transformative experiences for over a decade. The day is designed to be effective and impactful, and we tailor our guidance to suit individual needs, helping you get clear on what you want, the challenges you may face (that's why we have a questionnaire and a call arranged before the day to tailor the day), ensuring that every attendee, gets value from the experience. We invite you to approach this with an open mind. The success stories of our participants speak to the real and lasting benefits that this day can offer you.
We understand that group settings can be intimidating for some. The day is structured to create a safe and supportive environment. You won't be pressured to share more than you're comfortable with. Our coach, Nis, is skilled in guiding individuals at their own pace. We have an atmosphere of understanding and respect, ensuring that your experience is comfortable and valuable.
Please note, we do not offer refunds once your place is confirmed. The reservation initiates essential arrangements to maintain the exclusivity and quality of our programme and the intimacy of our cohort. However, you can transfer your place to an individual of the same gender. For any changes and cancellations, please contact our team. We'll assist you within our policy for the best possible outcome.
No problem. If you have any questions we haven’t answered, simply email your inquiry, and we'll be in touch.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We look forward to welcoming you to "The Classic Day" workshop and helping you embark on your new chapter.
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A game-changer for me. As a results-driven guy, I was initially sceptical. But this day sharpened my focus, honed my strategic thinking, and gave me new ways to deal with challenges I've tried to overcome. It also reminded me that progress starts with a single decision, and for me that was to invest in myself. I did this for me. Highly recommended.

~ Matthew,

I'm the type of person who's accommodating but sometimes, it feels like I'm accommodating everyone but myself and although ashamed to admit, I've allowed certain colleagues to boss me around at work. The day resonated with my values and I've become more disciplined as a result. I left with the tools to tackle self-doubt which set me on a path of immediate improvement. One day has made a significant difference. I left with a purpose and renewed confidence.

~ Aidan,
Project Manager

I used to believe that success required years of hard work. This opened my eyes to the power of how one day can make a big difference in one's life. My mindset has evolved and my wife has noticed I walk taller. I learned to be more confident and have already gained momentum in my career and personal pursuits.

~ Anthony,
Business Owner
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