Classic Day for Women

Surrey, United Kingdom
19 September 2024
Designed to unlock your personal power, overcome self-doubt, and equip you with a new mindset and a personalised plan to take confident steps toward your future.
Course Leader
Nis Arend

Nis Arend

High - Performance Coach
About this event:

Your Transformation Begins Here.

Step into a day designed exclusively for the dedicated woman—someone who works hard, strives and knows in her heart there's more to life than what she's living.

This stunning, transformative experience spans just one day, yet it's the catalyst to unlock the top 1% potential within.

Gain the clear vision, confidence, and courage necessary to connect to what you want and cultivate a sense of purpose that is uniquely your own.

Programme Outline:


09:00 am Registration & Breakfast Bites
09:30 am Welcome and Introduction
10:30 am The Starting Point
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Elevate Your Mindset
3:30 pm Break
3:45 pm Build Your Plan
4:45 pm Reflections from the Day
6:00 pm Celebration & Close


We’re going to unlock your hidden potential so you can enjoy the success you deserve in just one day.

Who should attend?

If you're at a crossroads, needing time for yourself, wanting to create your next chapter, looking for support and a guide, this day invites you to explore your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

You'll build upon your self-efficacy, elevate your mindset, and strengthen your identity.

Secure your place at this stunning live in person workshop.

Only 12 places available. 
What Happens After Booking?
Upon booking your place, you'll receive a confirmation email with joining instructions to prepare for the day. We'll also send you a questionnaire to better understand your unique challenges and goals, allowing us to tailor the experience to your specific needs. On the event day, all you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to embrace the possibilities of your new chapter.
When and where:
Date and time
Thu, September 19 2024
9:00 - 6:00 GMT
Surrey, United Kingdom
We’ll cover all sessions, breakfast bites, scrumptious lunch, snacks and all refreshments for the day.
We understand uncertainty and it's normal to wonder whether this is the right fit for you. Our programme has proven successful for a range of individuals, from various backgrounds, industries, and experience levels. The day is designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring that it can benefit anyone committed to personal and professional growth. It has been transforming lives since we launched it a decade ago. As long as you show up, be present and put the work in, we believe the world is your oyster.
Absolutely, we encourage this. You'll have an opportunity to do so in your questionnaire we'll send to you beforehand. The day is designed for you to address and shape your life in a thoughtful way.
Absolutely. There are many powerful positives that can enrich your experience and strengthen your bond: a shared experience, accountability, emotional support, someone to share your insights with, travelling to the venue can add more excitement doing it together, gives you a boost to meet new people, shape new memories, the added motivation to try something new, enjoying ‘aha’ moments together. Due to limited places, make sure they get their booking in soon via our website.
Staying overnight is a brilliant enhancement to the day. We highly recommend it. With our special rate, you'll have access to spa facilities, free parking, and Wi-Fi. Your stay includes a delicious dinner, a comfortable night's rest, and a breakfast of champions to start a new day. It's an opportunity to relax, connect, and deepen your personal growth experience beyond the event. Book your overnight stay with us to make the most of this exceptional experience.
There is no specific preparation required. However, it's helpful to reflect on your goals, challenges, and aspirations beforehand to make the most of your experience. Show up with an open mind, heart and a willingness to try new things. We'll send you a pre-event questionnaire for you to complete as we tailor the day to your needs.
If you're uncertain about the fit, we encourage you to reach out to us for a consultation or join us with an open mind. We're here to help. The transformative experiences of our participants have consistently proven that The Classic Day can work for you, regardless of your current situation. It's a unique opportunity to discover your untapped potential and embark on a journey toward lasting change. Your journey starts with clarity. If you don't ask, you'll never know.
Yes. After attending, there’ll be a group follow up session. You’ll also receive an exclusive Invitation to join our members club.
Please note, we do not offer refunds once your place is confirmed. The reservation initiates essential arrangements to maintain the exclusivity and quality of our programme and the intimacy of our cohort. However, you can transfer your place to an individual of the same gender. For any changes and cancellations, please contact our team. We'll assist you within our policy for the best possible outcome.
We understand that group settings can be intimidating for some. The day is structured to create a safe and supportive environment. You won't be pressured to share more than you're comfortable with. Our coach, Nis, is skilled in guiding individuals at their own pace. We have an atmosphere of understanding and respect, ensuring that your experience is comfortable and valuable.
No problem. If you have any questions we haven’t answered, simply email your inquiry, and we'll be in touch.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We look forward to welcoming you to "The Classic Day" workshop and helping you embark on your new chapter.
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As a busy professional, I doubted a single day could make a difference. I also felt intimidated I might be around people that I can't relate to or that were these "powerful corporate women" on a higher level than I am. I was proved wrong. In just one day, I gained clarity on my new direction and connected with others on their journey. There are no 'big personalities' in the room, each person meets with Nis before the day. You'll have time to think, reflect and learn so much. I feel strong, happier and privileged to be at this event. I wish I said yes the first time I had the invitation. Highly recommended.

~ Andrea, Director

Not admitting it to myself, the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone and investing in myself held me back. This day was the catalyst I needed. Surrounded by a supportive group of women, I got rid of my imposter syndrome and began a new direction for my life. I left the day feeling empowered, with a plan for my next chapter and new connections who support me. I'm ready to go for it!

~ Maya, Head of Communications

Balancing work and family, I didn't make time for myself. I felt guilty spending money on myself when I would always spend it on something for my family, without hesitation. I never realised how I've been living my life putting others first, leaving me with crumbs and as a result, low self-esteem. This day gave me the clarity I desperately sought but didn't know where to find. Leaving the venue, I sat in my car in the parking lot, grateful for the whole experience. Returning home, my family noticed the positive change and I'm so much happier and am now better at caring for myself, making us better together.

~ Isabella, HR Partner
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