Forget size, quality of life matters.

Have you ever wondered what it means to improve the quality of your life?

It’s a question that lingers in the minds of many, as we navigate the complexities of our modern existence.

We’re constantly bombarded with external measures of success and societal expectations, leaving us longing for something more, something meaningful.

Defining and enhancing your quality of life is a deeply personal journey that only you can embark upon. It’s not about conforming to others’ standards or chasing fleeting achievements.

It’s about understanding your unique needs, desires, and aspirations.

So what constitutes a high quality of life?

Well, it’s not solely determined by material possessions or external markers of success and just as it’s up to you to define what success means to you, a better quality of life is about finding a sense of balance, fulfilment, and contentment across various areas of your life.

Think of quality of life as an interconnected web of physical and mental wellbeing, nurturing relationships, purposeful work, and a sense of inner peace. It’s about aligning your values, actions and choices with what truly matters to you.

But how do you know if your quality of life has improved?

The answer lies within you.

It’s a deeply personal and subjective assessment. It’s about feeling a greater sense of happiness, a sense of calm and safety that you can compare to the past.

To set the goal of improving your quality of life, start by reflecting on what truly matters to you.

What brings you happiness and fulfilment?
What are your core values and aspirations?

Once you have a clearer understanding, you can start to get specific on the ideas to improve them.

Mindful Tech Breaks:

Disconnect from screens, indulge in meditation or daydream away from your desk, and savour the present moment. Find tranquillity by unplugging and reconnecting with yourself when you open your eyes and when your head hits the pillow at night time.

Walk amongst nature:

Engage in forest bathing, sunrise yoga, and nature walks to restore your inner balance. Keep your plugs out your ears and tune in to the sounds of your surroundings.

Biohacking Activities:

Optimise your body and mind through cutting-edge practices. Try out cold exposure therapy, intermittent fasting, and personalised nutrition tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Express Yourself for a change:

Try a new class, or songwriting workshops to express yourself. Bonus points if the venue is out in the wild.


Craft a comprehensive program that addresses your unique needs. Work with experts in nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and holistic healing to embark on a transformative journey.

Unplug Yourself:

Have a digital detox and embrace the freedom of unplugging. Read a book, pursue a hobby, or connect with loved ones.

Set a New Goal:

Define your career aspirations and set a new goal that aligns with you. Direction and purpose greatly improve the overall quality of your life. Unsure what it could be? Want to nail your goal the fast track route? I’ve just the ticket…

Cultivate a Gratitude Practice:

Start a gratitude practice and reflect on the tiny things that bring you happiness, supportive relationships, and personal achievements. It redirects your mind to a great place.

Magic of Minimalism:

Simplify your living space, create calmness, and focus on what truly matters. Let go of unnecessary clutter and appreciate the things that are special – look at them and make use of them.

Engage in Experiential Learning:

Step out of your comfort zone and pursue new experiences. Learn a musical instrument, practice photography, or explore a new language for self-discovery and expanded horizons.

Practice Mindful Technology Use:

Use technology intentionally and use meditation apps, mindfulness podcasts, or fitness trackers to promote a healthy balance.

Start a Side Hustle:

Turn your passions into a profitable venture or create a blog or book for creative expression. One of my colleagues whom I’ve know for a decade, and who’s known as a straight laced individual wrote a book and none of us could believe the amount of sex filth was in the book! He expressed a side we didn’t know he had…

Here’s your playful invitation to try one of these 12 ideas as you improve the quality of your life.

I’ll be brainstorming more…and have booked myself on a Wim Hof cold bath retreat experience.

It’s an ongoing journey of exploration and self-discovery. By embracing new and innovative approaches in both your personal and professional life, it’ll teach you to embrace fear, build your identity and go for it.

See you in the bath!

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